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  • Jen North

    Jen North

    Jen has a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts, and ADHD. She writes about horror, film, history, mental health, and video games. Sometimes she is funny.

  • Joshua Idegbere

    Joshua Idegbere

    I am Joshua Idegbere | Medical Student | I write for people who still have their success ahead of them| idegberejoshua26@gmail.com

  • Rachael Wood

    Rachael Wood

    Musician by day, writer by night. Still trying to figure out this thing we call life.

  • Duncan Frame

    Duncan Frame

    Born analogue and a bit of a digital noob, sharing experiences to help others on their journey. Endlessly curious, there's never enough time!

  • Marilyn Glover

    Marilyn Glover

    Hospitality professional/ 20-year domestic violence survivor/ passionate about poetry, spirituality, animals & travel/born in the UK & lives in the US/

  • TommyTalksEverything


    Talking good nonsense about all things life and more, follow to stay updated and hopefully be motivated. Gym and fitness enthusiast.

  • Cody Hamilton

    Cody Hamilton

    #BillsMafia, @Tagthebard on Twitter ko-fi.com/tagthebard

  • Pensadora


    An overthinker enjoying her new found hobby of writing and creating stories.

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