How to Use High-Class Problems to Attract the Life You Desire

Ever think “That’s a problem, but it’s certainly a good problem to have”?

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On a recent Sunday, I closed my laptop around 5 p.m. with a feeling of accomplishment. I had a story ready for publication on Monday, stories partly done for Tuesday and Wednesday, and ideas to last me the rest of the week.

“Successful day,” I thought. “Time to go out and have a beer.”

I walked a few blocks down the street to the Blind Bear, a 1920s-style speakeasy-themed bar my friend Jeannette owns. I said hello to the doorman and made my way to the bar area in the back. I saw my friends Jasmine, Cady, Jason, and Nate seated at a table.

I couldn’t join them.

Oh, there was room at the table, and they gladly would have scooted around and made room for me. But they couldn’t.

You see, it was in the early days of recovery from the Thanksgiving-Christmas 2020 COVID-19 pandemic surge. Restaurants and bars were allowed to be open once again, but seating was limited to 4 adults per table.

So I had to sit at a table by myself. As I sipped my beer, I thought, “This is a high-class problem. I came in here and found four of my friends. How many people come in here and sit by themselves because they don’t have any friends?”

The definition of a high-class problem

A high-class problem is a good problem to have. It does represent some kind of issue to be resolved, or some form of temporary inconvenience. However, the problem is a reminder of the abundance in your life that makes it possible.

Allow me to use a few examples to illustrate the difference between high-class problems and low-class problems.

High-class problem: You have to cook all the food in your refrigerator or it’s going to spoil in a few days.

Low-class problem: You don’t have any food in your refrigerator.

High-class problem: You have to use all your vacation days by the end of next month, or you’ll lose them, according to the company policy where you work.

Low-class problem: You don’t have any vacation days; or worse, you don’t have any vacation days because you don’t have a job.

Let’s take an example that’s been in the news recently.

High-class problem: Automakers are having trouble shipping vehicle orders on time because there’s a shortage of the chips that run the computers inside the vehicles.

Low-class problem: Automakers aren’t shipping any vehicles because nobody is ordering vehicles.

High-class problems are a reminder that you have something to be grateful for

The person who has to cook all the food in his refrigerator can be thankful that he has all his food. He can also be thankful he has a refrigerator and a home in which to put the refrigerator.

The employee who was told “use them or lose them” about her vacation days can be grateful that she has vacation days to take, that she’s about to get time paid time off to relax. She can be grateful that she has a job that provides her vacation time as part of her benefits package.

Shareholders of auto companies affected by the chip shortage can be thankful that vehicles from the companies they own are in demand. They can be thankful they own the shares in the first place because many people don’t own stock at all.

As for me? I sat down at my table for one, took off my jacket, and waited for my server to bring me my beer.

Then I thought, “I’m grateful that I came in here and found four of my friends. They are a reminder that I have so many good friends so close to home.”

And I thought, “I’m grateful to be able to walk to a place just a few blocks down the road to see my friends. And I’m grateful to be in a bar owned by one of my friends.”

And I thought, “I’m grateful that I have money to be able to pay for this beer. There were times in my life when I did not. Also, I’m grateful that when I leave and go home after having this beer, I will be able to get home without getting in a car and driving.”

Why gratitude is a good thing to practice

The Law of Attraction, one of the basic laws of the universe, says that you draw to yourself what you believe you deserve. And the way to tell your subconscious you deserve the things you desire is to be grateful for those things in advance, as though you already have them in the present moment.

The pathway to being grateful for what you desire in advance is to be grateful for what you already have in the present moment.

That’s why it’s called a gratitude practice. It’s fine — and in fact, recommended — to incorporate gratitude for what you have into your morning routine. However, the true goal is to see opportunities to be grateful everywhere you look. The goal is to constantly be reminded of the abundance in your life.

The goal is to be able to envision something you have and feel gratitude for it. That practice will allow you to more easily envision something you desire and feel a similar kind of gratitude.

There’s that word again — practice. The more a baseball player practices hitting grounders to left-center field, the better he will get at them. The more a basketball player practices free throws, the higher her in-game free-throw percentage will rise. The more you practice gratitude for what you already have, the more you open yourself to additional abundance.

Gratitude journal exercise

Think of 5 high-class problems you currently have or have had in the past — instances where having an excess of something highly desirable causes a minor issue you had to figure out or get past. Write these down in your journal. Envision them, describe them.

Now think about what you desire. Write down how you feel as though you already have it. Think about what high-class problems it might cause you.

That big royalty check you see coming your way? You’re going to have to make a special trip out to the bank to make sure it gets deposited properly. Also, that check could be for such a large amount that the bank places an 11-day hold on the money before you have access to it. Can you just imagine how irritating that’s going to be?

That car you’ve been wanting — it’s fun to envision yourself zooming around town in it, but think of the high-class problems it’s going to cause. You’re going to have to get the car registered and get it insured. Plus, you’re going to have to start pulling up to the pump for premium gas — regular won’t be good enough. This baby will require the best!


“High-class” problems are minor issues or inconveniences caused by the fact that you have an abundance of something that is very desirable.

Such problems are fantastic opportunities to remind yourself how grateful you are for all that you have in your life. Practice gratitude throughout the day as though it was your job, just as practicing free throws is a professional basketball player’s job.

Put in enough practice and soon it’ll be as natural to feel grateful in the present moment for things you do not yet possess as it is to feel grateful for that you already have. At that point, you’ll be signaling to the universe that you’re open and ready for more. Bring it!

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