Life Is A Playground

If you don’t see it that way, you’re not living life right.

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Free all-you-can-drink soft drinks… and every candy bar under the sun… toy stores… and even The Fonz… oh my!

Last night I had a dream.

I had just moved to Los Angeles, into a large apartment complex. There were four areas in which the apartments were clustered, with three common areas. The walls were bright and white and made everything feel so spacious. Skylights let in that beautiful L.A. sunshine to add to the carefree feeling.

Fully moving in, I decided to explore. The left common area — the one closest to my place — had a vending area where you could buy any candy bar imaginable. Do you prefer chocolate? Nuts? Caramel? Whatever your taste, they had it. Chips, cookies, and lots of other goodies too.

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

There was a station where you could treat yourself to unlimited Coca-Cola, a beverage I have loved ever since my first taste at 3 years old. It was available straight out of the fountain. There was an option to have it freshly bottled right there. Not only could I have what I wanted, but how I wanted it!

After a trip back to my apartment, I decided to explore further to see what my new digs offered. I walked to the middle common area of the building, and standing there in the hallway was The Fonz! Heeeeyyyyy!

After a trip back to my apartment, I decided to further explore the middle common area, this time arriving from the other direction. There was a toy store, right there in my building, that I could visit whenever I wanted!

Photo by kelvin octa from Pexels

There were interactive displays full of bouncy balls and action figures, games to play, so many different sights and sounds and colors… it was absolutely magical!

At that point, I woke up, having not had a chance to explore the third common area. I grabbed my dream journal and pulled up its electronic index on the computer, and started writing.

Lessons learned

First of all, life is a playground. I could hardly get my pen to move fast enough to write the words in my journal.

I mean, it really is. Life is full of rich and meaningful experiences, and you get to pick and choose the ones you desire to have.

Now, you can certainly choose to have negative experiences as well. Maybe someone walked their chihuahua on the playground this morning, and didn’t clean up after it. There’s nothing stopping you from picking up chihuahua turds and smushing them against your face, from rolling around on the ground in them. If that’s what you choose to do, go for it, that’s all you. Wouldn’t be my decision though.

Secondly, there’s always more to discover. That was the message in waking up before I got to explore the remaining common area. You will never run out of new experiences. If doctors find a way to make humans live to be 700 years old, we still not run out of new things to try, new things to do, new things to be.

Then I discovered there was a third revelation in the dream as well. I’m one of those people who’s on a “must write every day” kick, and I went to bed last night wondering what I would write about today. “I’m completely out of ideas,” I thought. Then I woke up with the inspiration for this post, which I must say has been a joy to type. You have everything you need. Even if you don’t realize you have everything yet, you do.

Just thought I would share that bit of inspiration. I hope you have had as much fun reading this story as I have writing it.

Find your experience that throws you back to the joy and freedom and sunshine you had when you were a child. Find your candy and soft drinks. Find your toy store. Find the people in your life who are as cool as The Fonz. It’s all out there waiting for you.

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