The Ultimate Guide to Revenge on Your Haters

And really, on anyone who wrongs you

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Have you ever been in the same room as your haters, and just felt the bad energy weighing down like the humidity on a hot, sticky late summer day?

It could be that they don’t even use words as their weapons. They just glare at you, shooting beams of hate right through you with their eyeballs. They try to make you so uncomfortable that you get up and leave.

If several of your haters are in the same place, they might point at you and gossip to each other. Some of them will even raise their voice so you can hear snippets of what they’re saying about you, but not the whole conversation.

Then, of course, there are the online trolls. The ones who leave comments with no purpose whatsoever beyond tearing you down, getting you to question and doubt yourself.

Getting revenge on these types of haters is much, much easier than you think. Done correctly, it requires very little effort on your part. Let’s take a look at why this works, and how.

Horrible people give off horrible energy

People are simply balls of energy that vibrate at a particular frequency. This is true of all matter, actually, whether we think of the matter as “alive” or not.

We all vibrate at different frequencies. People who are filled with love, joy, helpfulness, consciousness, and peace vibrate at a high frequency. People filled with rage, fear, jealousy, worry, and possessiveness have a much lower vibration.

As Ayodeji Awosika is fond of saying, you don’t attract what you want — you attract what you are. That is great news for people who have a high vibration. They tell the universe that they are open and ready to receive even more joy, even more abundance.

On the other hand, people with low vibrations attract tragedy, scarcity, and suffering. Sometimes this happens quickly. One of the most horrible people I have ever known attracted both loss and personal danger in the first months I knew her.

Even if it doesn’t happen quickly, you can be guaranteed that these people are on a collision course with tragedy and suffering. Unless, of course, they become self-aware and clean up their energy, which they almost never do.

Therefore, there’s no need to waste your own energy wishing revenge on them. There’s no need to waste time hoping for their downfall. Believe me, they will do a perfectly fine job of attracting that on their own. By wishing for it, all you do is lower your own vibration to their level.

It’s the spiritual version of “Vengeance shall be mine, sayeth the Lord.” Just trust that the universe has got this. So you just keep on being awesome and don’t give them another thought.

Recognize that there’s only one enemy you can control

The only enemy on which you can exert control — even total control — is the one within. It’s the enemy that keeps you stuck in fear, worry, anger, and all the other negative emotions.

Some of my favorite authors, including Eckhart Tolle and Andrew Kap, refer to this portion of you as the ego. Another author, Ryan Holiday, even stated it outright in his book title (Ego Is the Enemy). Jen Sincero, who wrote You Are a Badass, felt that this portion of your being deserved a more descriptive name — the Big Snooze, or BS for short.

When you slip into anger over past grievances left unresolved, that’s the ego talking.

When you find that you’ve slipped into a daydream about an enemy getting what’s coming to them — that’s not a dream, it’s the Big Snooze.

So stamp out that enemy

The ego was necessary to keep our ancestors out of danger tens of thousands of years ago. Now it gets in the way, causing us to overthink.

The first step in stamping out the ego is to become the observer of its activity. To watch your mind rehash past drama and say to yourself, “There’s the ego again.” To watch your fantasies of revenge run wild and say to yourself, “There’s the ego again.”

The moment you observe your own mind, you’ve stepped out of the past or the future. The only place from which you can observe your thoughts is right now. That’s the sweet spot where you want to be.

Once you’ve moved into the moment of right now, enjoy it there. Take several breaths and follow them. Feel the aliveness in the various parts of your body. Feel all the objects in the room you are in. Then feel all the empty space that does not contain objects.

Then take a moment to invite your best future self — or, as I’ve been saying lately, your most conscious self — in. Request that self to provide you guidance, intuition. Request it to give you a little hint the next time you can take action inspired by that self in your everyday life.

It’s the spiritual version of “The best revenge is living well.” Your enemies keep on being their crappy, low-vibrational selves and you just keep on soaring.

If you must say something to your haters, say this

It’s really not necessary to do or say anything to your haters once you’ve made this change. They will notice that you’re happier than ever. They’ll notice that you shine brighter than ever. Yet, they won’t be able to pinpoint what changed in you, and that will unnerve them.

A lot of personal development writers would say that for the ultimate high-vibrational response to your haters, silently forgive them. I don’t disagree. However, I do understand that many of us (myself included, in a few cases) are not quite to the point of forgiveness yet. For those coming from that place, if you feel compelled to say something to your haters, smile and say this:

“You just keep on being you.”

There’s no worse curse you can put on them.

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