Times Are Weird. Here’s Permission To Treat Yourself.

Your reminder from the universe that it’s time to do something nice for yourself. Here are 30 ideas.

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You happened upon this story for a reason. This is your permission slip. Recent months have been rather unusual, to say the least. This is your nudge to do something nice for yourself.

This is a strange, strange year.

This is the year of being late because, halfway to your destination, you realized you forgot your face mask and had to turn around and go get it.

This is the year of hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and bleach cleaner.

This is the year it became a criminal activity to sit shoulder to shoulder with friends at a bar, or to stay out dancing ’til 1 in the morning.

This is the year our lives were invaded by terms like alone together, 7-day rolling positivity rate, quarantine, the new normal, and of course social distancing and its identical twin brother physical distancing.

So, do something nice for yourself. You are hereby given permission.

Here are some ideas.

Bake something — a fresh loaf of bread or some cookies or brownies.

Spend 5 or 10 extra minutes petting your dog or cat today.

Buy a book of crossword puzzles and spend the weekend holed up in your jammies working on them.

Go to bed an hour early and get some extra sleep. Let’s face it, you won’t miss much.

Call your grandmother and ask her to tell you a story from when she was your age.

Go to the lake. The fish can’t catch COVID but you can catch fish.

The next time a thunderstorm passes through, open the curtains, pull up the blinds, raise the shades, and take in the majesty of it all.

Make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

That new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try one of these days? It’s time. Put in an order for delivery. Or dine in, if that’s been deemed safe where you are.

Take a tour of Mars with the help of NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Image by Axe77 on Pixabay

Order yourself some gourmet coffee or tea.

Find a free service that streams old sitcoms and movies (there are several of them out there) and have a binge day.

Allow yourself that extra scoop of ice cream.

That video game you were addicted to when you were young? See if there’s a version of it for your computer or your phone or tablet.

Watch a sunset.

If your local zoo’s open, go out and see the animals. If your zoo is closed or you don’t live near one, check out the San Diego Zoo live cams.

Try a new scent of bubble bath or bath bomb.

Create a diary of what daily life was like during a pandemic, so your grandkids will have a first-hand account to read many years from now.

Use Google StreetView to take a virtual walking tour of a city you’ve never visited.

Hire a local cleaning service to clean your place. That way you won’t have to do it, you’ll feel so much better in a clean home, and you’ll be stimulating the local economy.

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

Find a book on the shelf you haven’t read in 10 years and take it for another spin. If you don’t have such a book, consider signing up for a subscription service that lets you read as many books as you can for a monthly fee.

Take a bike ride.

Learn a new creative skill on the computer, like video or audio mixing or photo editing.

Spend an afternoon in the park. Read a book. Watch children play. Watch the squirrels. Fly a kite if the weather is right.

Order a kit to make something that will beautify the outside of your house or your yard — perhaps a birdhouse or some wind chimes.

Think back to the songs that were your favorites when you were 19 years old and make a playlist.

Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History or a tour of the Louvre.

Take a yoga class, maybe explore a new style of yoga. If it isn’t safe to take a class in a studio there are plenty of free ones online.

Throw a tea party for your daughter and her stuffed animals.

Make a fresh pot of homemade soup.

To sum it up…

We’ll have plenty of time ahead to worry about reopening, vaccines, and returning to work. Right now, though, you deserve a treat to get through these times. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure, something yummy, or one of your favorite comforts, go ahead and reach for it. You’ve been granted permission.

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